SSUSA Job #928: Senior Software Engineer

Job Description


One of our media clients is seeking a Senior Software Engineer on their Data Delivery Platform to join their team. You will have the chance to help design and build out new platform capabilities and features. You will be able to lead projects, and ultimately even take on a leadership role within the group. The role includes application development, big data engineering, and the ability to think about the company's products. 

  • Design and build out components of our data publishing and consuming tools that will let internal and external clients explore and query data across our systems in a technology independent way.
  • Work with databases including MemSQL, Vertica, and Snowflake to provide excellent query latency and data freshness for different use cases.
  • Deepen our integration with and support for BI tools like PowerBI to make it easier for internal analysts to do their job and to enable Product Engineers to give clients powerful access to information on complex products.
  • Help us leverage cloud services from file servers to full support DB solutions such as MemSQL Helios, Vertica Eon, and Snowflake, to improve our functionality and scalability, and make cost structuring across the org easier.


  • 7+ years of coding and developing on production systems. At least 5-7 years should include application development; 3-5 years should include work with analytical data sets of at least 10 TB, the OLAP paradigm, and OLAP databases such as Vertica or Snowflake.
  • Ability to design solutions that span multiple systems, including applications and databases, often multiple of each.
  • Very strong SQL skills should be able to write aggregation queries easily.
  • Strong experience with and knowledge of object oriented coding, primarily Java although substantial experience in other languages counts.
  • Strong experience with Java itself a plus; at least some knowledge of Java required.
  • Strong experience writing well-tested code, deploying code safely, and working in a team with coding standards, including unit testing, functional testing of applications, working with build systems such as Jenkins, code review, design review, etc.
  • Ability to work with stakeholders, including product and other engineers, to understand how our platform maps to needs, and work with them to understand and shape new features, asks, etc.
  • Experience with BI tooling a plus.
  • Experience with Ad Tech a plus.

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New York City

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