SSUSA Job #551: Data Governance

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Our global banking client is expanding its Data Governance group. They are currently looking for an individual with an understanding of how data is acquired and utilized in a financial institution. They will be establishing processes to ensure among other items definition, ownership, accuracy, usage and lineage of data are established and agreed amongst various user groups. This person will be part of the group designing these processes. Once these processes are established this person will take on the responsibility for making sure their data domain follows these processes.


Position  Responsibilities/Duties

 --Responsible for ensuring that all data elements have data owners, are fully defined, are fully documented (full lineage) and have the correct security level assigned to them.

 --Coordinate with the subsidiaries to ensure they are using the data as prescribed by the stewardship council.


--Coordinating with the system owners to ensure all systems are using the data as prescribed by the council.
--Assisting users in defining system requirements/changes to ensure we are capturing the data as needed.
--Coordinating amongst data owners and system owners to make sure all the data quality issues are resolved and documenting the solutions.·
--Raising issues to the appropriate level to get approval on process changes.

 Additional Responsibility:  Manage the security levels assigned to all data elements in all system development environments and external exposure.  

The percentages above will change as the role and the model matures.  This role may expand to include a managerial role as the Data Governance Group expands.


Key Competencues:

 Ability to influence and direct multiple people to come to a mutual agreement.
Ability to create BRD documents and define system changes
Ability to work well with others
Ability to quickly adjust to different cultures and environments
Ability to think outside the box and come up with creative solutions

Qualification Requirements
Knowledge of how the business uses data in its reporting - AML, Profitability, etc.
Knowledge of how data is input into financial transaction systems.


Preferred Previous Work Experience:
3 -5 years working in the financial industry
1 -3 years working with Regulatory or Financial or Profitiablity/Management Reporting
Experience working across divisional or company lines
Experience working in a multi-cultural organization







Job Location
New York City

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